Integration timelines

The total amount of time required to integrate with RealMe login service or assertion service is determined by the agency and the dependencies arising from the overall online service project duration. While a quick integration with RealMe could be completed within two weeks, experience has shown that build and delivery considerations such as vendor negotiations, design approval, customer testing and communications planning determine the overall timeframe and milestones, and there are often other tasks that need to be completed before the next RealMe integration activity.

The following diagram shows generalised timings for RealMe integration. For simple integrations, an agency may have a single pre-production environment, whereas for large online service projects, there may be 4 or 5 ITE integrations including development, system testing, performance testing and user acceptance testing. An agency may also choose to do an early production platform integration to allow for security and penetration testing before formal go-live. 

Key timings to be aware of are 2 days for processing an integration request for ITE or production, and the 2 weeks required to provide BAU Support information to the RealMe help desk before public go-live of the online service.