Go-live checklist

The go-live checklist describes the activities that need to be completed by the agency project team during RealMe integration. While at first glance there may seem to be quite a lot of items to be completed, each of these typically get addressed in turn as the integration proceeds and it is unlikely that there will be any activities that will still need attention as the go-live date approaches.

Go-live checklist login and assert flows

  • Identity risk analysisonline service has been assessed as low, moderate or high risk

  • Identity management business process designconfirmed approach for first time use (registration), and returning user

  • Login elements and content on the online service webpages: conforms with the RealMe design guidelines

  • End-to-end test programme: authentication success and exception conditions are properly handled

  • Launch readiness: customer support - customer support plan in place including hand-offs between the online service and RealMe contact centre - BAU Support task completed two weeks prior to go live

  • Launch readiness: communications plan - RealMe content reviewed prior to publication or circulation, Communication Info task completed two weeks prior to go live

  • General Terms and Conditions for RealMe Services and Key Terms Agency documents signed - these define the roles and responsibilities of both organisations and must be fully signed off before your Production integration request is submitted

The project timeframes and go-live criteria are covered in detail during the formal agency integration project process. For further information, email