How to integrate

RealMe® provides three environments to support agency online service integration projects:

  • Messaging Test Site (MTS)

  • Integrated Testing Environment (ITE) and

  • Production.

During a project, an agency can connect one or several systems to the RealMe environment such as system test and user acceptance test.

For the initial connection of each agency online service to the RealMe login service or assertion service, the integration will be coordinated by the RealMe integrations team. The team will assist the agency's project to schedule and coordinate integration timeline activities, arrange integration technical advice, and confirm 'Go live’ criteria. The integration team will also advise and review the business process design for the online service.

The RealMe design and branding guide provides all the RealMe elements that need to be added to an agency's webpages, and describes how the login service or assertion service pages can be co-branded with agency images and instructions to deliver a good user experience.

The core steps for technical integration describes what is involved in configuring and connecting the agency's online service to the RealMe ITE and Production environments.

Currently the assertion service can provide two authoritative attribute sets - verified identity and verified address

For online application providers including cloud applications that are not yet actively working with a government agency, RealMe also supports vendor technical integrations. If your company has successfully integrated with MTS, then complete the vendor access application, and we can set up a connection to the ITE environment so this can be used for demonstration purposes. For other integration related queries, contact RealMe with a general enquiry or email