Business process design

It's important to understand the difference between the RealMe login service and the RealMe assertion service when determining the possible fit for your organisation.

RealMeĀ® login service provides a single login, letting citizens use one username and password to access a wide range of services online. It also offers two-factor login where the online service requires a higher level of security.

RealMeĀ® assertion service provides the means for a customer to prove personal information online. At present, we offer verified identity (name, date and place of birth, gender) and verified residential address.

The recommended approach for starting business process design is to undertake an identity related risk assessment - the risk assessment indicates the appropriate corresponding login strength. This is used to determine which evidence of identity (EOI) process, if any, is required for the customers of the agency online service. 

For each specific online service, an agency needs to determine how to incorporate the appropriate evidence of identity procedure and RealMe login service authentication functionality into the overall design of the website registration process for the first time user. There are a number of possible patterns, and an agency needs to determine the most appropriate business process for the first time user.