Testing tools

Testing RealMe login

Providing your service allows it, you can create new accounts via the Create Account button on the RealMe Login Screen.

There is a test email address available, should you wish to set up multiple logins without requiring access to many different email addresses.

  1. Create your test RealMe login [PNG, 43 KB] using the email address
  2. Click the ‘Send Code’ button and, when prompted, enter the confirmation code 4ec1e939-1cf5-4b64-9686-519f96ce9b60 and click the ‘Confirm Code’ [PNG, 66 KB] button.

If the Create Account button is not available you can use the Verified Accounts, (refer Testing RealMe Assertion section below).

For an online service using RealMe two factor authentication you can set up mobile and/or an app authenticator for testing.

Testing RealMe login with second factor mobile 

For mobile, we have a static code that allows testing in the ITE environment with multiple logins without requiring access to many different mobile phones.

  1. Create your test RealMe login and add a mobile phone [PNG, 25 KB] for extra security. Enter a mobile number in the format +64 11 N where N is a unique number of your choice between 4 and 16 digits long. After creating a login you are presented with the security check page [PNG, 21 KB].
  2. Click the ‘Send Code’ button and, when prompted, enter the confirmation code 2bada985-5493-4edd-8aba-d3cfef7e4b31 and click the ‘Confirm Code’ button.

The above code can be used each time a txt code is required.

Every login created needs a unique mobile phone number using the +6411 prefix.

Testing RealMe login with second factor app authenticator

For app authenticator, a new authenticator account will be created for each environment/user that you add.

You can add an app authenticator to your test RealMe login by logging on to self-service and selecting ‘Change your App Authenticator’.

Testing RealMe assertion - verified test identities and test addresses

The pre-production testing environments for the identity verification service (IVS) and the address verification service (AVS) have the same functionality as the live versions, and consequently test users can only be created by following the same verification process. As an integrating organisation cannot create test users for testing against the assertion service ITE environment, test users have been created in advance by the RealMe team. 

You need to be part of an integration team and logged in to access the verified test identities and test addresses.