RealMe brand refresh

DIA refreshed the RealMe® brand in June 2023.

For all the new brand assets please refer to our "Application design and branding guide" pages.

Here’s what you need to know

On June 8, DIA will refresh the RealMe® brand, as part of its ongoing Delivering Future Identity Services (DFIS) work.

The brand refresh will involve updating all customer-facing RealMe® services, including those provided by DIA’s partner organisations. DIA is responsible for updating the style sheets from the client-side redirection to RealMe i.e. the co-branded pages.

What will change from June 8, 2023?

  • RealMe® will be represented by a new logo that emphasises security, with a human touch.
  • The logo will suit a wider range of digital formats and be recognisable at smaller sizes.
  • Other brand elements will also be introduced, a strap line (positioning statement) and use of trust mark symbols
  • RealMe® will also be described in more succinct language online.

What isn’t changing

  • The brand name will not change (research undertaken in 2019 shows 80% awareness of the brand).
  • The brand’s association with the New Zealand Government (the 2019 research shows significant support for RealMe®, in part, resulting from a high trust and confidence in government).

What’s the timeline for technical teams?

March: Brief technical teams on the upcoming changes

May: Change-out the current RealMe® logo and any collateral you may have in your test environments

June 8, onwards: Go live with the re-freshed RealMe branding.

 Access new style guides and finished art from here:


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