Business process scenarios

For any online service, there are four main process steps, as illustrated in the following diagrams:
Step 1 - Customer requests service
Step 2 - Establish identity
Step 3 - First time authorised use
Step 4 - Ongoing use

For each specific online service, an agency needs to determine how to incorporate the appropriate evidence of identity procedure and RealMe login service authentication functionality into the overall design of the website registration process for the first time user.

The self-identify, agency invite and back office patterns are all suitable for low risk online services. Moderate risk online services generally require an agency in-person step or use of verified identity via RealMe.


First time use diagrams

  • An agency needs to determine the most appropriate business process for the first time user (steps 1-3). There are a number of possible patterns - select each in turn to view the corresponding detail in the diagram.

The business process design for online services planning to use RealMe login service or RealMe assertion service is normally covered during the formal agency integration project process. For further initial information, contact the RealMe integration team by emailing