Getting to production

Around 100 online services have integrated with RealMe® login service and RealMe assertion service - we publish the current numbers(external link) on the main RealMe website. So, the RealMe integration team is very familiar with what's required to get to production. Overall, it's your agency's project plan that sets the pace and milestones.

The amount of time spent component testing with our Message Testing Service, if any, will depend on whether this involves developing a new SAML component from scratch (unlikely to be the case) through to using a vendor's off-the-shelf SAML solution. 

All implementations involve at least one pre-production environment connection with the RealMe Integrated Testing Environment (ITE). For large, strategic projects it's possible to connect multiple environments to ITE such as system development, performance testing and user acceptance testing.

Whether it's one-step or many, this will involve the same steps that are illustrated in the RealMe integration timeline.

The go-live checklist describes the activities that need to be undertaken during the RealMe integration process. Typically these activities are completed simply by stepping through the environments and working with the RealMe integration team.