Agency co-branding new

The co-branding of RealMe pages is an opportunity to continue the visual design from your website to the RealMe experience and reassure customers with some familiar elements.

RealMe supports agency co-branding on both the login service and assertion service pages that can be viewed during an authentication or verification flow. 

The agency logo is right-aligned and should be 66px high but we can scale a supplied image up or down. After scaling the width should be less than 500px. If the  customer base has a large proportion of smartphone users then the maximum scaled width should be less than 370px to avoid further scaling on the mobile device. Our preferred format is  PNG with a maximum file size of 24kb. 

Login screen showing notes for logo, background colour and Back to function.

Any hex colour can be used for the background. The default is white #FFFFFF. If your background colour is dark, or not compatible with our Tangerine logo for accessibility standards, an alternative reverse white RealMe logo is available as shown.

RealMe white logo on dark blue background