Technical Considerations

An organisation's choice of SAML Service Provider component and the way in which RealMe services are implemented are likely to be influenced by the online service environment and longer term roadmap. Based on our experience of more than 100 online service integrations, addressing the following questions and subesequent discussion with the RealMe integration team should help to ensure an appropriate approach.

  • Does the organisation anticipate deploying three or more distinct online services in the medium term? If so, it's likely that some form of enterprise platform will be a better approach than multiple point to point integrations.
  • Does the organisation need to implement multiple identity contexts for legislative or other privacy policy reasons? For example, is it necessary to separate customer records from supplier records.
  • Will the online service have notable non-functional requirements that need to be reflected throughout the solution, such as high availability?
  • How will the organisation's current or planned user provisioning component work in conjunction with first time RealMe authentication or RealMe assertion?
  • Is the organisation intending to use one or more SaaS or cloud services, and if so do these handle user provisioning or expect that this will be done by the organisation's centralised user provisioning component?