RealMe login and assertion service re-platforming

Right now, RealMe is transitioning to a new platform – find out everything you need to know about what’s happening and when.

What's happening

We’re moving the RealMe Login and Assertion Service to a cloud-based platform.

Impact of the change for RealMe customers

For most people, the transition will be a quick and simple exercise, requiring attendance at two workshops and no more technical work than what’s typically required for a certificate renewal process.

Some stakeholders, eg, agencies using the igovt Context Mapping Service (iCMS), the RealMe Context Mapping Service (RCMS), the HelpDesk Web Service or their own helpdesk, may need to attend additional workshops and complete additional testing and integration tasks.

Overall, however, people can expect little to no disruption to RealMe services before, during or after the upgrade.

Why we’re making the transition

The transition from the current Infrastructure as a Service platform to the new, cloud-based Microsoft Azure AD B2C (Azure) platform will save money and have a range of benefits.

Benefits include:

  • reduced operational and development costs
  • increased speed and flexibility as a result of the cloud-based operating system, network, middleware components and version management
  • advanced security protection and access, including detection and reporting based on risk profiling
  • potential for faster delivery of new capabilities
  • improved usability, due to a much wider user base and more mature GUI and workflow
  • bring the RealMe Login and Assertion Service into alignment with DIA’s cloud adoption strategy
  • improved ability for RealMe to adapt to the evolving Digital Identity ecosystem.

Who is leading the work

Unify Solutions NZ Ltd and Microsoft New Zealand are working in partnership with the Department of Internal Affairs to manage the transition project and deliver service improvements over time. (Unify is Microsoft’s global partner for security and identity collaboration work).



Email the transition project team at:

Update 7 April 2021

Kia ora 

The RealMe Replatforming team are pleased to announce that the first checkpoint ‘go/no-go’ meeting has been held and the Steering Committee has confirmed that we are proceeding as planned for this weekend’s implementation.  The next checkpoint will be at 17:00 on Friday 9 April 2021.   

REMINDER: Production Replatforming 

Production go-live is scheduled for the weekend of 10 April.   The updated Onboarding PackProduction RealMe Replatforming Bundle and Production Help Desk Federation Bundle have all been published (in the project artefacts section below).
(external link)

Key Points 

  • At 9pm on Friday 9 April 2021 the services will be taken down. 

  • The team will perform the final data migrations and configure the new services from 9pm on Friday night until 6am Sunday. The team will advise agencies by 7:30am Sunday that their integrations can start from 9am. 

  • Agencies will be able to integrate to the new platform from 9am Sunday 11 April. 

Each agency will be responsible for communicating the service outage and handling other related communications to their users.  

Please note that there will be a change freeze in both ITE and Production for new and/or updated service integrations starting 5pm Wednesday 7 April 2021 through to 9am Monday 12 April 2021.  

Go Live Communications 

All communications during the go-live period will be via  Email updates will be sent as follows: 

  • Saturday 10 April at 7pm – progress update. 

  • Sunday 11 April at 7:30am – go (no go) email advising agencies that replatforming can commence at 9am.   

There will also be two escalation levels available via mobile phone (details to be advised) however should remain your first point of contact.  These same numbers should also be used should there be any issues / outages to our email service.