Use of RealMe branding

The RealMe service requires that any public facing screens, emails or communications must use the correct terminology. This ensures consistency across all organisations and agencies using RealMe.

Service names

The names of the service are the “RealMe login service” and "RealMe assertion service". When referring to RealMe services in documentation and other communication, follow these guidelines:

  • insert the ® symbol when displaying RealMe®
    - in any heading or a major subheading, and then
    - the first time after that on each page;
  • only use RealMe logos supplied and approved by DIA and ensuring that these logos always contain the symbol ®;
  • avoid the use of RealMe as a noun or verb; and
  • check that the spelling used is 'login' (rather than 'logon').
RealMe terminology

Many services only require a RealMe login, not a RealMe verified identity.  A RealMe login lets people access participating online services, while a RealMe verified identity allows people to prove who they are online when they apply for products and services from participating organisations.  When only a login is required for access to an online service it is recommended that 'RealMe login' is explicitly used and any references to RealMe accounts are minimised.