Verified identity photo

IVS placeholder photoThe Electronic Identity Credential Act 2012 was modified in December 2017 to allow a participating agency to use the electronic identity photograph along with the other verified identity data. Section 20A (1)(c) currently restricts agency use to these purposes:

  • to issue an identification document to the individual with the photograph on it
  • to issue an electronic licence or a means of identification to the individual that displays the photograph electronically (for example, in a mobile application)
  • to display the photograph in a public register on which the individual is registered
  • to compare the photograph with a photograph held by the participating agency in order to verify the participating agency's photograph

While the use is initially limited to these purposes, contact RealMe Integrations to discuss another use cases that can be added by Order in Council.

The identity verification service photos have been sourced via two application processes - PostShop photos and passport renewal co-apply and there have been some other variations over time. PostShop images are 4:3 and passport photos are 9:7 which is marginally different. Most PostShop photos are 1800 x 1350px and most passport photos are 638 x 496px, but there are also two legacy sizes 640 x 480px, and 1062 x 826px. PostShop photos have a greyish background and the majority of passport photo have the background removed.

The RealMe assertion service currently supports a special use case for NZTA drivers licence that provides the photo separately from the verified identity data. An additional release will be required to deliver these together.