Note on NTP synchronisation

The SP’s server’s system clock MUST be closely synchronised with a New Zealand Stratum One NTP Time Server.

This is REQUIRED in order to:

  1. Ensure the limited life time of the sender’s message is not exceeded due to system time variations.
  2. Ensure assertions are honoured within a timeframe that is in common with the Client SP and RealMe IdP.

Time tolerances in RealMe MAY be subject to change. Indicative tolerance values are +/- 1 minute for item 1 and up to 10 minutes for item 2.

It is RECOMMENDED that a NTP service be installed locally within the online service infrastructure to meet this requirement.

Refer to link) for strategies on how to implement time synchronisation from a NTP time server.

Refer to the Measurements Standards Laboratory for more information on the New Zealand Stratum One NTP time server,(external link) with NTP v4 as the delivery method over the internet.(external link)