List of SAML V2.0 components

Deployment is described as ‘enterprise’ where the product is understood to support identity management for multiple online services, and ‘single point’ where a single application is supported. For some products categorised as single point, there may be the means of providing some support for multiple applications. Read more about the technical considerations that may apply when selecting a SAML component and deploying RealMe services.

SAML components may be available as part of an enterprise product suite, a complete product with configuration tools that may require some development effort, or as code libraries that require a higher level of programming effort.

The following list is arranged in alphabetical order. DIA does not endorse any particular offering, but can discuss the capabilities required for your circumstances. Contact the vendor for more detailed information on the product such as technical specifications, pricing and support.

Common Web Platform/SilverStripeSilverStripe logo

ComponentPro   ComponentPro logo

ComponentSpace SAML ComponentSpace logo

Datacom i2 Datacom logo

ForgeRock OpenAM ForgeRock logo

IBM Security Identity Manager  

Intergen Rapid Results Intergen logo


Microsoft ADSF2 Microsoft logo

Microsoft Azure B2C Azure logo


OmniAuth  OmniAuth logo

OneLogin  OneLogin logo

Optimal IdM   Optimal IdM logo

Oracle Identity Federation Oracle logo

Pac4J Spring Security  Spring Security logo

Perl Perl logo

Ping Federate Ping Identity logo

Shibboleth  Shibboleth logo

SimpleSAMLPHP SimpleSAMLPHP logo

  • Single point deployment
  • Open source PHP library