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RealMe for developers

Find all the information and tools that you need to get started integrating with RealMe services - whether you are already working with a government agency or business, or you are an application vendor considering future opportunities.

How RealMe works

The RealMe login service and assertion service rely on the widely used SAML V2.0 messaging standard to support authentication and sharing of verified personal information. The user is redirected from the agency's online service to the RealMe service to enter their federated login credentials or to retrieve requested attributes from the authoritative source and consent to sharing their data.

How RealMe works

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We've created the RealMe Message Testing Service (MTS) as a sandbox environment for the login service and for the assertion service where you can test the SAML Service Provider component you're using for your online application.

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How to integrate

Your online service integrations to the RealMe login service or assertion service will be coordinated as a project. An assigned RealMe project manager will assist your team to schedule and coordinate integration activities, arrange integration technical advice, and confirm ‘Go live’ criteria.

How to integrate

What's new?

We've done three website updates.

Most importantly, there is a new page that describes the core steps for technical integration to the ITE and Production environments. We've added the IdP metadata files so that these can be easily downloaded along with the respective configuration checklists that provide the data for initial setup.

We've added an addtional section covering some further design considerations for online services using assert, and implemented a form to provide the participating agency text. Also new are two pages for the more technical audience: technical considerations to take into account when choosing a SAML component and planning for RealMe integration and a note on NTP synchronisation, and corrected the SAML StatusCode values. You can now view customer video on the How RealMe works page. And, just in case the technical jargon gets too obscure, there is a Glossary in the footer.

What's coming?

For the next phase of the website, we're exploring an online integration configuration tool to replace the current checklist forms.

If you've got any suggested changes or feedback -  let us know.


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